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MBA Marketing,
Executive Coaching

“The systemic impact of Transformative Leadership is one of the most effective ways to achieve your vision, and disrupt just about any paradigm that gets in your way.” ~ Mark Hovanec

Mr. Hovanec has held leadership positions throughout his career. Whether entrepreneur or C-suite, in each role his approach has always been ahead of the curve affording him and his clients an unprecedented strategic advantage.

He has consulted entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, and leaders at all levels through the C-suite. The results have impacted virtually every level of an organization, from human capital to tangible operations. In all cases the results can be quantified with a resultant positive ROI.

One of the greatest impacts is the self-sustaining outcome. Unlike traditional education, transformative leadership teaches influencers ‘how to think’. It is in that distinction where experiential engagement delivers extraordinary results.


Brand Messaging

Breakdown & Failure


C-Suite & Linear Leadership

Coaching & Train-the-Trainer

Corporate Culture

Creating Ownership

Crisis Management

Effective Use of Disruption

Emotional Intelligence / Neuroleadership

Enrollment / Engagement

Multi-Generational Strategies

Overcoming Resistance

Remote Working Challenges

Strategic Planning

Team Building


MBA Business, Marketing

Organizational Behavioral & Neuro Leadership, Certified

Executive Coaching

Emotional Intelligence

Linguistics In Communication

Academic Peer Reviewer – The International Journal of Open Educational Resources


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