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step one:
learn to

"I'd like to apologize for asking you to step
outside of your comfort zone."

As far back as you can recall, you’ve been taught to do as you were told. Decisions were made for you. There was no need to think. Well, in the grand scheme of things – that doesn’t really work. If we are to be leaders, it’s time to “unlearn” a whole lot of stuff.

The first hurdle is understanding the distinction of transformative leadership. There’s a lot of misunderstanding around this. While we can say a remodeled kitchen has been transformed, the reference is not comparable in business.

If we consider the kitchen, was the subfloor intact? Were there termites? Or was the transformation superficial without tending to underlying issues?

In true transformative work, the work begins at the core and works outward. It is in this way that we learn to think, amongst many other things. The real magic is that when transformation occurs, it becomes self-sustaining. And THAT, has an impact on every aspect of your business.


Brand Messaging

Breakdown & Failure Opportunities

C-Suite & Linear Leadership

Coaching & Train-the-Trainer

Corporate Culture

Creating Ownership

Crisis Management

Effective Use of Disruption

Emotional Intelligence / Neuroleadership

Enrollment / Engagement

Multi-Generational Strategies

Overcoming Resistance

Remote Working Challenges

Strategic Planning

Team Building


Higher Profitability

Improved Business Relationships

Improved Quality / Less Rework

Improved Social Reputation

Increased Productivity

Quantifiable ROI

Turnover / Retention

leadership solutions to match your requirements

Breakthrough Transformative Leadership

From reception to CEO, transformative training, as a foundation of any subject, has a global impact on an organization. The benefits are quantifiable with a profound impact on culture and ROI. And these impacts are authentic and self-sustaining.

Being able to move forward powerfully as leaders both internally and in your industry creates a huge shift for possibility. At Transform [11], we’ve found that if you give people permission to be great – chances are that they will accept both the challenge and the opportunity.

In your FREE CONSULTATION, we’ll discuss this breakthrough process and show you how it can benefit your organization. We hope you will accept our invitation.

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A Good Plan Begins With a Solid Foundation. Let Transform [11] review and analyze your current training and provide you feedback and recommendations on how to improve your training program.

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