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At Transform [11], we ground all our training in the information we gather. This allows us to hit the target of your objectives. The needs analysis supplies us with the foundation so we can produce a quality product for your company.

Once this information is reviewed, development begins. We lay out the groundwork that includes Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA). We need to understand what the student needs to accomplish the tasking we are set forth for them to learn. We then chunk out the course with broad headers this will eventually become the knowledge objectives.

The next step is to gather the content needed to fill in those broad headers and build the course. Throughout this process, we are developing questions for both the knowledge checks and the Level 1 surveys that accompany the lesson.

It is imperative at the development stage that we incorporate the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in gathering this information. We will schedule time either face-to-face or via video chat to accomplish gathering the information.

Development process

Transform [11] knows how to mine data. That includes knowing how to find the most relevant data, as well as how to interpret it’s role. It’s at this step that the success of an entire program begins.

Analyze Data
Develop KSA’s
Develop Knowledge Objectives
Gather Content
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