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Training pays high dividends

Better Learning
Deeper Engagement
Controlled Pacing
Program Quality
Consistent Messaging
Resource Management

There's More Behind That Door Than Gold!

What good is training if your training doesn’t accomplish the task?

A good solid Needs Analysis is critical when understanding the task at hand. Transform [11] wants to hit the mark on the first try and deliver a solid Return on Investment (ROI) to our client.

Once your training is completed, Transform [11] can evaluate your program using Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training.

Transform [11] will then deliver the client a complete detailed report on the progress of their course. The report will include information on what was accomplished, how it was accomplished, the results of the surveys, and, if needed, the next step.

The critical part of this report is to fully understand the outcome of the training and ensure that you have a solid ROI.

measurable results

When you commit to a training program, you want to be able to easily identify results. But there are additional benefits besides those expected. Indirect benefits are measureable as well and may include:

Higher Profitability
Improved Business Relationships
Improved Quality / Less Rework
Improved Social Reputation
Increased Productivity
Turnover / Retention


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